dedicated to ending the abuse faced by exotic and domestic animals through rescue, legislation and education

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Creating sanctuary for abused and neglected big cats, Wolves, Bears, Small Cats, and more, our team is excited to invite you to help us build and make a difference in our community for all creatures.

Exotic cars for exotic cats fur ball gala

We are gearing up for our 3rd annual fur ball gala sponsored by Foreign Cars italia. Join us September 27th, 2024

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Tigers are the biggest wildcats and the Siberian tiger can weigh up to 700 pounds. They are poached, hunted, made into fur coats, sold for their body parts, used in traditional Chinese medicines, etc. There are less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild. Tigers are expected to go extinct within the next 20 years. Shizzy's Wildcat Rescue wants to change that.


Lions are the second biggest wildcat in the world. There are estimated to be around 20,000 lions left in the wild. Lions are facing many threats including over hunting, lack of prey because of over hunting on their prey, loss of habitat and poaching. Lions are either resting or sleeping for about 20 hours a day on average and are the laziest of the big cats.


The jaguar is the third biggest cat on Earth. Jaguars have a golden coat with black rosettes on their body. These rosettes have small black dots within them. This is the main difference in appearance between a jaguar and a leopard. The jaguar has the strongest bite of all the wildcats. The jaguar also has the second strongest bite of any mammal in the world! Jaguars have been documented eating over 85 different species of prey.


Leopards are the smallest of the four big cats. Leopards have a yellow to tangy golden coat along with black rosettes and a white belly. There are estimated to be between 50,000-500,000 leopards left in the world today. Leopards on average only weigh between 70-130 pounds but are still big cats because of their ability to roar.

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